Monday, April 19, 2010

Crazy Love Prayer Requests, my son, relationship, health and motivation

Well, I don't know really where to start, as you can see this is only my second blog post ever but I really wanted to be a part of Linny's crazy love prayer post so if you have a prayer request and you happen upon this brand new blog of mine click right here to link up and join in the crazy love.

Now onto my prayer requests, truely I am greatful for the wonderful things in my life and sometimes I feel like my requests are too small, then I have to remind myself that nothing is too small for God and so here it goes...

My son is suffering a rash, it is not life threatening and it doesn't seem to effect him greatly but it itches and it breaks my heart to see him so uncomfortable somtimes. The doctor has given me very little explination and they don't seem conserned but I still wonder every day if he is allergic to something I am missing or if there is anything more I could do, we have a Dr. Appointment tomorrow @ 8:30 AM so if anyone reads this early, some cooperation on getting an allergy test done or some answers would ease this mama's heart and hopefully lead to us being able to get rid of his poor little rash.

Speaking of my son, his father and I have a very broken relationship. He comes from a very broken childhood and my childhood had its ups and downs as well. Right now we are seperated and it is probably for the best, but my heart is continually broken because I want nothing more than for us to be a family. I read Linny's blog and I read about how wonderful her husband is and I long for a caring man like him. I know that Daniel has it in him but he has a lot of healing he needs to do and I just don't know what is meant to be anymore. Gods guidance and comfort would be wonderful right now. I know he is right here with me every second but sometimes it is hard for me to put one foot in front of the other when it comes to reaching out to Him and really putting my trust in Him.

Health and motivation go hand in hand for me, I want to be healthy but I need to be motivated. I have some weight I would love to loose, and just getting out there and being active would be healthy both physically and mentally for me. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in a vicious circle, I am not motivated because I am not healthy and I am not healthy because it is hard to find motivation. I just need a jump start and strength to really stay motivated.

A good friend of our family is also dealing with the death of his son, he needs prayer and Gods comfort for sure.

My fathers health (he in particular has battled illness in his life) and the health, happiness and long life of my family and friends is definitally a prayer request as well.

Thank you all for taking the time!

In CrAzY love,

P.S. My sons name is Riley, my father is Mike and Riley's dad's name is Daniel. My family friend who lost his son, his name is Jim and his son's name is Bart. =]


  1. Michaela, congratulations on the new blog. i recently started mine as well- blessedhomestead - which i share with a friend of mine across country. anyway, would love to chat more with you, feel free to email. wanted to say i am praying for you and all your requests. i wanted to say that sometimes docs don't realize rashes can be side effects of vaccines. other side effects, esp in boys, include autism. i highly recommend skipping vaccines altogether for your little one. research it, you'll find out for yourself. anyway, i want to encourage you to watch the movie "fireproof". my marriage was falling apart, too, and we were separated for several months. but now we are back together!!! praise Jesus. all things are possible with Him. don't give up! don't give up, friend!! God is with you. look to Him. you can hear His voice. my advice is don't say or even think, if you can help it, anything negative about your hubby. remember all the good times and especially your wedding vows. call on the Lord and He will turn this marriage around. i am praying for you. email if you want to talk more. its on my blog on the sidebar. blessings, brittany

  2. Praying for you. Thank you for posting your request.

  3. Michaela, I just said a prayer for you. Please know we are thinking of you and will continue to pray!!
    In Him,

  4. praying for your marriage. i pray that God heals daniel's heart and brings you back together again.

  5. Prayer is a wonderful thing, will be praying for you and your family.

  6. Praying for your family.


  7. Michaela, we have all kinds of allergies at our house and with allergies comes rashes. I recommend finding a laundry detergent that is scent free and for sensitive skin. Then wash everything that he owns. If the rash doesn't go away, start thinking about foods that he eats. Is there something that he eats everyday or very regularly? If so, take those foods out of his diet one at a time. If that doesn't work, then you might consider the different materials in his clothes and bedding. We discovered my daughter's new fleece blanket was causing her rash. Moral of the story, just start trying things. If it doesn't go away or gets worse, find a new doctor. I'm praying the Lord gives you guidance to quickly discover the cause and heal the rash.

  8. continued prayers for you, your son and family situation.

  9. hi Michaela, I came across your post from Linny's, and wanted tell you that I am sorry that you ar going through a hard time. I've been praying for you that everything will work out and that you'll have peace and joy. About Daniel's rash, do you think it could be food allergy? I was eating oranges when I read your post and thought about oranges being a trigger. Or cheese? A naturopath or skin specialist could help with testing if that is the case.
    Thinking of you and praying that it all will work out with Daniel.

  10. Just wanted you to know that I am still praying for your family at this time.

  11. Just stopping by again to let you know that I am still praying for you.