Monday, June 14, 2010

Memorial Box Monday: My Cell Phone

Memorial Box Monday is a really awesome way that Linny shares what God has done in her life, the story behind the 'memoral box' is also very special and I am proud to say that I am starting my own memorial box this week, the memorial box that I won on a place called simplicity!
My memorial box moment happened the day before yesterday, and actually part of it happened the day before that. On Friday, I was looking through my cell phone and I found a picture that I wanted to put on facebook. For some strange reason the "upload directly from phone" feature never works for me on facebook, so i decided to dig around and find a mini-sd card and do it the old fashioned way, if there is an old fashioned anything that includes a cell phone that takes pictures and accomodates a 'mini-sd card'. So I put the little tiny, fingernail sized piece of technology into my phone, transfered the picture I wanted onto the card and then I heard my heart telling me to transfer all of the pictures. I I only know how to do it one picture at a time, which takes a few seconds and 5 clicks of my finger for each picture, which is fine for a photo or two but it takes a while to do that 280 times. Anyway, I listened and did it. I thought to myself, atleast I will have room to take more pictures now. I was confused as to why I was so compelled to do that, but I did it because, I was, well compelled. I thought atleast 52 times while completing this process that it was best, because a few months ago I left my phone on top of my car and drove off, promptly hurling my phone onto Candalaria Blvd. in Albuquerque at which time it was ran over dozens of times and destroyed. Luckily most of my pictures were on a tiny sd card, but I thought that the card was in the phone and also destroyed. A bit of background, my pictures, of my little boy, they are so precious to me. I was in a tizzy, a total tizzy for hours, searching up and down the BUSY road, for any sign of my phone and the tiny sd card. Not caring a lick about the phone, but only wanting to find the sd card....then I went home and found the card that I had thought was in the phone all of that time. I am quite sure that God didn't want to see me go through that tizzy again. So he told me to transfer the pictures and take the SD card out that day. The following day, I lost my phone again. I was quite sure that I had done the same thing as I did in Albuquerque, driven off and allowed it to get run over. I didn't have the panic feeling though. I drove up and down once, didn't see the phone, went on about my business...content that I would take advantage of the insurance I carry on my cell phone and thanking God over and over in my mind that I had transfered the pictures. Later in the day, I found my phone, it had ironically had a dead battery at the very moment that I was thinking I had left it on top of my car, leading me to believe that it had been run over and broken. I was happy to find the phone, and even happier that God cares enough about me to not let me have even one hour of panic, that he loves me enough that he orchestrated the situation to where I would not be in a tizzy but be greatful and content with the thought that I had lost my phone. I think I will use the 50.00 I would have paid to replace the phone via insurance to do good deeds, and pass out the crazy love cards I picked up @ church on Sunday along with the good deeds... I need to figure out what I will put in my new memorial box to commemorate this memory...a tiny phone may be? Or a mini-sd card possibly...I will find something I am sure.


  1. What a great story! I love how He loves us!

  2. This story is great! God is in the details of our lives at all times...What a blessing :) God bless.